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Quotes are valid for 30 days, unless previously authorized.

Do not pay from the quote. Payment needs to be made from the invoice that contains shipping/freight costs, as well as applicable taxes. The customer will be responsible for these costs.


Installation Activities


• Installation activities must be quoted.

• Orders over $50,000 require a 50% deposit.

• Orders over $100,000 require a signed sales agreement.

• Orders will not be processed until both the Sales Agreement with deposit are received.

Prior to Installation, room must be “Room Ready to Receive Equipment”.

  This includes everything in the below list. Failure to be “Room Ready” may result in scheduling delays and increased costs.

If you confirm that your facility is “Room Ready” and it is not, our technicians may not be able to complete the work. As a result, additional labor and travel costs will apply.


• Contractors are not to be onsite during NextGen LifeLabs scheduled visit.

Contractors must be finished any and all work in the room.


• Lab deep cleaned and free of dust

• AC outlets complete

• Cabinets/fixtures complete

• Drywall work finished and paint complete

• Electric must be functioning

• Flooring complete

• Gas connections/manifolds must be complete – including Burn-in with gas pressure and leak tested

• Step down regulators at location in proximity to relevant equipment (0-30 for incubators, 0-100 for TMC tables)

• Regulator placement such that it does not interfere with equipment placement

• Tanks in place, manifold pressures set

• HVAC/room filtration functional with positive pressure

• Lighting complete

• Network connections active and placed in proximity to relevant equipment (Laser PCs, alarm controller)

• Wires pulled point-to-point for wired alarm systems

• Phone jack in place for Sensaphone analog dialer systems


• Any other equipment provided by other vendors related to our work are to be on-site or scheduled during our visit

• Receiving area and path to lab must be clear

• Make building personnel aware of schedule


The above “Room Ready” criteria must be complete to ensure schedule. Any deviation from this list that causes our technicians to be unable to complete work will result in additional labor and travel costs that the customer will be responsible to pay.




Service Activities must be quoted and approved by customer with a purchase order issued, if required. Service request form and/or Return Authorization form must be completed. To request form, send email to info@nextgenlifelabs.com.




• NextGen LifeLabs self-certifies using NIST guidelines.

• Field calibration equipment is calibrated in-house using equipment sent annually to a NIST compliant testing facilities.

• In the case of gas control, the certificate on the wall for each tank.


Service includes inspection; cleaning of external optics and internal lenses that easily unscrew/remove; and lubrication of areas accessible without disassembly. If we identify a possible issue requiring internal service, that is noted on the report with verbal notification to the lab representative.




Travel expenses vary based on several factors. Quoted costs are estimated. Actual invoiced amount may be higher.


International Sales:


Shipping outside of U.S. requires customer to supply their brokerage information, including contact information, prior to processing orders.

For small packages, your Fed Ex account # is required.

Customer is responsible for all shipping,  import taxes, brokerage, and possible storage fees.

International sales require payment in full up front.



Do not make payments from the quote. Applicable sales tax plus shipping costs will still need to be added. Please wait for the invoice.


Terms: Standard terms are Net 15 - Payment is due 15 days from the ship date. Invoices past the due date will be subject to a 2% late fee - every 30 days past the initial due date. Depending on payment history, payment may be required in advance.

Credit Cards: Are accepted as payment with an additional 1.5% processing fee and a completed Credit Card Authorization form. To request form, send email to info@nextgenlifelabs.com.


Returns and Exchanges:


Special ordered and custom manufactured items are, generally, non-refundable or able to be exchanged.

Stocked items may be eligible for a return or exchange within 30 days of delivery. Shipping and freight charges would be the responsibility of the purchasing party. After 30 days, at the company’s discretion, an authorized return or exchange may have a 25% restock fee plus shipping/freight charges.




All items sold by NextGen LifeLabs carry the manufacturer’s warranty. The terms and duration of this coverage vary by manufacturer.

NextGen LifeLabs offers extended warranty coverage as well as a preventative maintenance contract option for most equipment. Consult your sales representative for further details.




NextGen LifeLabs may offer some items for evaluation. This is contingent upon a purchase at the conclusion of the evaluation period if the item is determined to meet the users’ satisfaction. A provisional Purchase Order is required for evaluations.

NextGen LifeLabs provides specialized, innovative equipment, services, and support for the modern ART laboratory. The ONLY Company that customizes equipment to meet your needs.


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